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About Us
Corporate Overview
Sapwells Global is a professional supplier of quality oilfield equipment which includes drilling rigs, drilling rigs equipment, solid control equipment, downhole tools, handling tools, production equipment, well control equipment, valves and drilling rigs replacement parts at competitive prices. All of our oilfield equipments and drilling rigs replacement parts are manufactured under the industry standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Our manufacturing partners have serviced the oilfield equipment industry for more than 30 years with world-class products and professional Engineering services. Through significant investment, continuous improvement, constant research and responsive product line development, Sapwells Global along with its manufacturing partners have positioned itself as a trusted name in the oilfield equipment industry.

With offices located in Houston, Bogota and Zhengzhou City, we service our client's demands for oilfield equipment including drilling rigs, production equipments and drilling rigs replacement parts.

Statement of Strategic Intent
Sapwells Global will provide quality products, quality services and quality solutions to all of its client's demands for oilfield equipment including: drilling rigs, production equipments & replacement parts.

Sapwells Global will be strict in customer communication and quick demand response.

Sapwells Global will operate globally and will be known for quality and service.


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