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Drawworks Parts & Expendables
We Supply Drawworks Parts & Expendables For:
Landing Rig
(Made in China)
ZJ40L/40J, ZJ40LDB, ZJ40D, ZJ50L, ZJ50LDB, ZJ50D, ZJ50DB, ZJ70L, ZJ70LDB,ZJ70D, ZJ70DB
Truck/Trailer Mounted Rig
(Made in China: SJ, RG, ZYT)
ZJ10, ZJ15, ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40
Workover Rig
(Made in China: SJ, RG, ZYT)
75KW-500KW, TD520GE, TAD520G, TAD531GE, TAD532GE, TAD731GE, TAD732GE, TAD733GE, TAD734GE, TAD734GE
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