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Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps

The subsurface sucker rod pump is an important equipment of rod extracting system that extracts the fluid in the oilwell by using the power supplied by pumping units and sucker rod.
The products conform to APl Specification 11AX and other related standards, authorized to use the API monogram.
Special sucker rod pump such as tubing pump, rod pump, sand control pump, anti-salt pump and etc are available.
Technical Performance
1.- The pump barrel machined by using the high quality special-purpose blank, the internal surface has the chrome-plating or the nickle phosphorus compound plating superficial strengthening processing to achieve the good intensity, the rigidity, wear-resistance and anticorrosion.
2.- The plunger surface uses the nickel base alloy powder to spurt welding to achieve good wear-resistance and anticorrosion ability.
3.- The valve ball and the valve seat made by using high-carbon chromium stainless steel or ceramics or tungsten carbide material to achieve longer life span.
4.- The pump efficiency is high, pump inspection cycle is longer.
5.- Simple structure with easy installation and usage.
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