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Electromechanical Drilling Rigs
  • Key mechanical parts conform to API spec and marked with API monogram
  • Powered by 4 parallel 2000 (3000) series diesel engines + hydraulic torque converter (coupling) + chain box drive
  • Drawworks drum is grooved. The main brake is hydraulic disc brake and assistant brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake. Drawworks adopt pneumatic tube clutch for remote control, operating easily and quickly.
  • Drawworks adopts split type arrangement and installed above and under the drill floor. Heavy main drawworks is placed at lower position. Drill floor is box-on-box type structure, compact, easy to rig up.
  • Rotary table is independently driven by AC VF motors for 0-240 r/min stepless speed regulation thus eliminating rotary table and mud pump power conflicts which occur in uniform driving system of mechanical rig, thus satisfying quick drilling. AC is provided by auxiliary generator set.
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