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Drive Mode AC VFD
Rated Drilling Depth 7000m(114mm drill pipe)
Rated Load Capacities 4500KN 500 ton
Power Supply 600 VAC/ 50Hz
Rated Current 350 A
Max. Current 622A
Rated Power (continuous) 295kw×2 400HP×2
Rotary Speed 0-230 r/min
Drilling Torque (continuous) 50 KN-m 40500 lb-ft
Max. Torque of Break Out 82 KN-m 60450 lb-ft
Backup Tong Range 87˜216mm 3-½˜8-½ in
Hydraulic System Working Pressure 16MPa 2280 psi
Rated Pressure of IBOP 70MPa 10000 psi
Mud Circulating Diameter 75 mm 3 in
Rated Circulating Pressure 35MPa 5000 psi
Max. distance between Main Shaft Center and The Front End 930 mm 36.6 in
Main Body Height 5.5 m 18.04 ft
Ambient Temperature -35˜55°C
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