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Bimetal anti-corrosion tubing

Bimetal anti-corrosion tubing is the special-purpose pipe used in oil, gas and water to extract the oil, gas and water to the surface.
The bimetal anticorrosion tubing has the outside layer formed by ordinary J55, N80, T95, P11O new or used tubing, use the corrosion-resistant alloy material as the inside lining. The lining are push to the outside layer by the conflagration inside the pipe.
The tubing conforms to API Specification 5CT, 5B and other related standards, authorized to use the APl monogram.
Technical Performance
1.- The tubing inside lining is lubricity, no fouling which could enhance the liquid flow quantity effectively.
2.- Tubing is thermostable with good ability to stand high pressure, the service life is 6 times longer than normal drill tubing.
3.- Superior quality, reasonable price, and it is a kind of new anticorrosive tubing.
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