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Annular BOP

Spherical blowout preventers are compact, annular type BOPS with seal reliably on almost any shape or size - Kellys, drill pipe, tool joints, drill collars, casing or wire line. Sphericals also provide positive pressure control for stripping drill pipe into and out of the hole; they are available in bolted cover, wedge cover models. There are also special lightweight models for airlifting and Arctic models for low temperature service.

Rugged, reliable sealing element provides positive seal after hundreds of tests to full working pressure Strong, simple construction - only five major parts.
Compact body saves space. Height is 15 to20% less than height of some other annular BOPS. Simple hydraulic system. Only two hydraulic Connections are needed.
Wear rings on moving parts prevent metal-to- metal contact. This feature prolongs preventer life. Suitable for H2S service. Standard models are suitable for internal H2S service and simple bolt and lifting shackle changes convert them for external H2S service.
Special lightweight models can be carried by helicopter.
Servicing is easy. Element can be changed without getting mud or grit into the hydraulic System. Steel segments reinforce sealing element but Do not protrude into well bore when element is open. Element design provides long stripping life.
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