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AC VFD Drilling Rig
  • Drill floor equipment installs at ground level and rigs up integrally with the mast
  • Single shaft AC VF gear drives drawworks; Drawworks main brake is hydraulic disc brake, assistant brake is dynamic brake, meanwhile drawworks is equipped with motor auto-bit-feeding device
  • Traveling block position automatic control system prevents "collide up and impact down" accidents. Position control is achieved by real-time detection of traveling block position and PLC calculation and analysis. When traveling block reaches alarming position, "soft-stop" control procedure of "alarming-slowdown-stop" is triggered automatically. Accurate real-time position indication of traveling block makes driller's operation easy.
  • Integrated design of mechanical, electrical, digital control and communication, adopting up-to-state vector control, VF, digital control and field bus communication technology
  • Performance and technical parameters comply with SY/T5609-1999 standard.
  • Main parts conform to API spec and marked with API monogram.
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